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As you may have noticed, I’m a bit of a Crocs fan – I just love how comfy the cute ballet-style pumps are.  But, alas, my search for comfortable heels has been long and fraught with blisters and nights out that end with a bare-footed walk to the taxi!  So powerful is the internet, though, that I was directed towards Melissa Shoes and after a few weeks of testing, I’m happy to report back my findings… 

Firstly, a little about the company – Melissa Shoes are a Brazilian company who developed a composition called ‘Melflex’ that allows the shoe to be injection moulded, recycled and creates no waste (ie any waste can be recycled).  This clever material also moulds to the shape of the wearer’s foot over time (a bit like Crocs) and to prevent them smelling of plastic, the shoes are scented with a bubblegum smell! 

I have tried out two pairs, firstly the Hello III model in flock purple: 

Hello Flock III Purple Melissa Shoes

Compared to most heels, I found these pretty comfortable.  First I tried with tights, which made them a little hard to walk in, but I got used to it after a while.  They had a few comments and I felt great strutting about in them!  The second time I wore them was a little less successful as I wore them without tights – I walked for about half an hour on my lunch break and to start they were fine, but by the time I was back in the office I had a huge blister where the strap meets the inside of the shoe :O(  I’ve since put a blister pad over the offending area inside the shoe and now they’re okay worn with tights. 

The second pair I tried were the Neon model in bright yellow: 

Neon Melissa Shoes

These, I’m very happy to say, were much more successful!  The first couple of wears squeezed my toes a little, but the material now seems to have moulded to my feet and they’re very comfortable indeed.  I think the trick of these shoes is in the ‘wearing in’ phase – push through that and you’ve got yourself a pair of comfortable heels – at LAST! 

If you want to read more about Melissa Shoes, check out their website here.


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