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Having spent five years studying traditional darkroom photography from GCSE, A-Level and GNVQ Advanced at College, through to HND and BA (Hons) degree at University, you can imagine I was less than impressed to enter the word of freelance in 2003, to find everyone using digital!

Where possible, I used 35mm film and had the negatives scanned to hi-res digital images, at the time using a Canon EOS 5.  I used a Sony DSC-F717 where clients preffered direct digital (no film/processing costs!), but never quite made the leap to a full digital SLR…until now!

July last year I finally purchased a Canon EOS 450D and I have to say I’m pretty impressed so far.  I won’t go into technical details but it’s a great starter camera into the world of digital SLRs and although it’s never going to be as satisfying as an old-school film camera, it’s certainly less hassle than standing in a darkroom shaking a film developing canister!

Here’s one of the first photos I took on it, about five minutes out of the box…


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