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Here in Britain summer time starts today!  Spring is almost upon us – and I say almost because it’s rained for most of the weekend!  Still, I felt it was high time for an Easter trollbeads combo, with some lovely oranges and browns to brighten up my last week in the office before a nice long weekend off work…

Clockwise from Fish Lock: artisan stopper, OOAK cappuccino, forget-me-not, OOAK, OOAK, chicken, OOAK, striped bud, wisdom, orange armadillo, Tibet kyang, pax, OOAK, Tibet ornament, LE tulip, dark leopard, artisan daisy (and a safety chain!).


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Yesterday my collection was featured on Trollbeads UK distributor, Fable Trading’s Facebook Fan Page, which you can check out here.

Did you know you can also view photos of some of my Trollbeads bracelet combinations on Flikr?  Take a peek at my collection here.

I’ll be adding to the folder regularly as I have a LOT of combinations to share – make sure you check back and see what I’m wearing :O)

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I am a massive fan of Trollbeads jewellery and I have lots of fantastic colours but there is one combination that I never take apart…

This neutral bracelet goes with just about everything and is full of beads that mean something to me, such as the daisy, my 1st wedding anniversary pressie from my husband, gold ‘endless’ that was a leaving gift from colleagues at my last job and the artisan at the back right, which a friend had made especially to complete this combo ;o)

Clockwise from Mexico lock: fairy, stopper, artisan, letter G, alabaster amber, chai bud, space, black squirrel, around the world, ooak amber, daisy, ooak amber, gold endless, glass stone, small planet, jasper, alabaster amber, letter C, brown armadillo, lucky knot (and a safety chain).

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