I am a massive fan of Trollbeads jewellery and I have lots of fantastic colours but there is one combination that I never take apart…

This neutral bracelet goes with just about everything and is full of beads that mean something to me, such as the daisy, my 1st wedding anniversary pressie from my husband, gold ‘endless’ that was a leaving gift from colleagues at my last job and the artisan at the back right, which a friend had made especially to complete this combo ;o)

Clockwise from Mexico lock: fairy, stopper, artisan, letter G, alabaster amber, chai bud, space, black squirrel, around the world, ooak amber, daisy, ooak amber, gold endless, glass stone, small planet, jasper, alabaster amber, letter C, brown armadillo, lucky knot (and a safety chain).


From 1998-2003 I studied photography from GCSE, A-Level and GNVQ Advanced at college, through to HND and BA (Hons) at University.  My final degree dissertation was based around the rise of consumerism and globalisation.

I wanted to illustrate the fact that certain brands appear in every town in most countries around the world and that those towns are beginning to look the same.  Who better to use to illustrate this fact than McDonald’s?!  Living in West Yorkshire at the time, I travelled home to Surrey at the weekends, spending daylight in the Capital to photograph a McDonald’s cup at some of the most well known sights.

My reading was mainly concentrated on Walter Benjamin’s ‘Arcades Project’ (‘Das Passagen-Werk’), as well as many other sources including John Urry’s ‘Globalising the Tourist Gaze.’

Photos were taken using a Canon EOS 5 camera (35mm film) and the negatives were scanned for digital reproduction. 

You can also view the final series of images on flikr here.

Please note that all images are Copyright 2010 Cathryn Cook and may not be reproduced without permission.

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It’s pretty empty right now but soon there will be a wider selection of photos, both in general photography and in products so you can get a quick overview of the pictures without all the words!  If that’s your type of thing, check it out at www.flickr.com/photos/catcook/

Once a week on a lunch break I wander into the village where I work and check out the local charity shops looking for vintage bargains.  Last Friday, on one such trip I stumbled upon these bad boys – Nike high top trainers – or if you’re reading this in the States, I’m talking about sneakers! 

Being a child of the 80s I distinctly remember all the older ‘cool’ kids wearing these, usually in bright neon colours, but never had the pleasure of owning a pair…in fact by the time I was a teenager ‘Red Levels’ were all the rage! 

The Debra charity shop had marked these up at a size 9, but on closer inspection I realised they are a UK size 8 – my size!  Barely worn and pretty clean, I reckon these were a bargain at £5!!

These look to me like an original 80s pair but I know Nike still sell high tops today so I’d be interested to know if they’re from the 80s, 90s or 00s – if anyone knows please do comment here to share :O)

Having spent five years studying traditional darkroom photography from GCSE, A-Level and GNVQ Advanced at College, through to HND and BA (Hons) degree at University, you can imagine I was less than impressed to enter the word of freelance in 2003, to find everyone using digital!

Where possible, I used 35mm film and had the negatives scanned to hi-res digital images, at the time using a Canon EOS 5.  I used a Sony DSC-F717 where clients preffered direct digital (no film/processing costs!), but never quite made the leap to a full digital SLR…until now!

July last year I finally purchased a Canon EOS 450D and I have to say I’m pretty impressed so far.  I won’t go into technical details but it’s a great starter camera into the world of digital SLRs and although it’s never going to be as satisfying as an old-school film camera, it’s certainly less hassle than standing in a darkroom shaking a film developing canister!

Here’s one of the first photos I took on it, about five minutes out of the box…

Well actually it’s more a tribute to our marine fish tank, which we sadly had to sell recently.  So, in memory of Picasso, Gabriel, Crazy Eyes, Number Two and Dora, here’s a fishy trollbeads combo…

There are a few artisan (non-troll) beads on here, clockwise from top: Fish lock, artisan stopper, artisan green, mermaid, dichroic ice, crab, turquoise armadillo, treasures, OOAK, troll with big feet, china, flounder, artisan, waterlily, turquoise dots, artisan, smiley, happy fish…and of course a safety chain (gotta be done folks, just in case!).

In 2007 my husband and I spent 11 days in the beautiful Hawaiian islands.  I took literally hundreds of photos (using a film Canon EOS 5 if you’re interested!) and quickly put together a scrapbook to record our adventures.  Below is one of my favourite pages, showing Waikiki beach and Diamond Head, but you can view the entire book on TwoPeas here.

Stash includes: Hawaii drinks coasters, 3D stickers, contact sheet photos and an upcycled bar flyer (the hibiscus).